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Blog C - Atheists and the Course
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A note about this blog...

I have written most of a book based on A Course in Miracles. It's tentatively entitled Living a Radical Life. I consider spiritual writing and teaching to be my special function. I hope I'm right because my manager at McDonald's was really angry when I quit 46 years ago. My purpose is to help each of us understand who we are a little better than we did before. I would like to get this information out in the hopes it will help someone understand him- or herself a little better, and to encourage that person to take whatever next steps they need to take. Perhaps it will published some day, but until that time, it will be available on this site, unless there's a restraining order.


I have read many books about the Course. There are many good ones, although I have not read any that contain the information in this book. I have written this to get to the meat of what the Course is saying. I don't pull any punches because I think that there may be some people out there who are really ready to hear what the Course wants us to know. We talk about (and around) these ideas all the time; they appear on Course-related social media, and there are occasionally some good conversations, but my experience with other Course students has demonstrated to me that there seems to be a little reluctance to delve too deeply into the main ideas of the Course because they are really frightening. They threaten our very lives. No level confusion here. They scare the crap out of us. Because of that, the focus of most Course discussions has been on the slightly easier-to-take ideas, while avoiding the nitty-gritty. There's nothing wrong with that; the Course takes some getting used to. But eventually, we all have to face what the message really is. The Course states that it does not compromise, and that if we accept the idea of compromise, then salvation is impossible. There is no partial belief in what the Course says. We're not talking about believing in a "book" called A Course in Miracles but we all have to ask ourselves if the Course is really an accurate description of this life on earth we are all living. So, what's your definition of God? Who do you think He/She/It is and what do you think He/She/It wants from us? I feel my book starts getting really good around chapter 4. How's that for picquing your interest?


So, I go right into it. Let's get it out in the open. What is the Course really saying? Read this blog and find out what I think about that. Please, walk through the door...


   James K Anderson
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